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Evolution Solar Kingaroy builds and installs custom solar solutions for residential properties. Our solar components are carefully chosen to achieve the most appropriate level of quality and value for money. We work with homeowners, developers, landlords and builders to make clean energy available to as many families as possible.

Solar Components

Every customer is unique – this means that individual needs differ, and each solar power installation is different. Whether you have limited roof space or are on a tight budget each solar component is as important as the next. Quality solar components matched with quality installations mean that you will get a solar system that will generate to its full potential and also last the test of time.

Within every system there are two main individual components, Solar Panels and Inverters. With a wide range of solar panels and inverters to choose from please feel free to give one of our friendly staff members a call on 07 4162 2759 and we will be happy to help.
Solar Panel on Roof — Solar Solutions in Kingaroy QLD
Roof Solar Panel Installation — Solar Solutions in Kingaroy QLD

Solar System Maintenance

When quality solar panels, inverters and installation have been chosen your system will require minimal system maintenance.

We recommend maintenance every year to keep your system running at full potential. This includes:

  • Cleaning of your solar panels. Dust, bird droppings, tree sap and salt in the air cause a layer of dirt on your panels decreasing the efficiency meaning less power produced.
  • Keeping your roof clean of any leaves or general debris will minimise the risk of your solar panels overheating or under preforming.
  • Ensuring your solar system is up to code. With a yearly solar system maintenance check, we are able to inform you of any updates required as well as solar racking and railing are all secured and safe.

Evolution Solar Kingaroy is your choice for top quality stand-alone solar energy solutions. We have installed stand-alone systems of varying sizes to provide effective results relative to budget.

What is an Off-Grid (Stand-alone) solar power system?

A stand-alone system is designed to work independently without needing further support from your local power gird. Excess power that would normally be diverted to the grid is able to be stored in batteries.

The size and location of your stand-alone system can be matched to the specific needs of a project. There are many advantages to having a stand-alone, but with some it's simply because your property is too far away from the grid.
Solar Panel on Roof — Solar Solutions in Kingaroy QLD
Roof Solar Panel Illustration — Solar Solutions in Kingaroy QLD

Components of a Stand-alone solar power system

Due to being a self-sufficient system the standard design involves a few specific elements which are able to be designed to suit your individual needs. These components are:

  • Solar Panels – The number of panels you will need for your stand-alone system will depend on your daily electricity usage.
  • Solar Batteries – Your batteries will charge during the day and will continue to provide your home will electricity throughout the night. A battery bank is highly recommended rather than a single unit for a stand-alone system to help store all excess power.
  • Inverter – For a stand-alone system you will likely use a stand-alone inverter. To run your home appliances, these inverters convert the direct current collected by your solar system into the alternating current.
  • Solar Charge Controller – The solar charge controller (battery charger) is essential to the performance of your battery. The controller regulates the voltage and current that your solar battery receives, to prevent overcharging and damage.

Other possible energy sources that may be worth considering as a back-up source for your system may be diesel generators, hydropower or wind power. Many owners who use off-grid solutions combine their system with a back-up option due to the solar production in winter or overcast conditions being insufficient.

Simple, Reliable, Efficient

A stand-alone lets you be in control no matter what the circumstances allowing you total energy independence. You can get all the benefits of power grid reliability without having to be connected to a grid.

And just think you’ll never again have to give the utility company a slice of your monthly pay cheque after you go off-grid with solar power.
Solar Panel Technicians — Solar Solutions in Kingaroy QLD
Solar Panel Illustration — Solar Solutions in Kingaroy QLD

Excess Energy Produced

You could make a tax-free income from the extra power your solar energy system generates. Energy produced by your solar system is converted to electricity and firstly used in your home. Any excess of power is then diverted back to the grid resulting in a feed-in tariff.

Excess energy produced can be exported back to the electricity grid provided your solar inverter is set up correctly. There is no mandated rate for electricity exported to the grid, so you are able to shop around for the best deal. Under the Solar Bonus scheme excess electricity generated by your solar system will be exported back to the grid and paid usually by way of a tax-free credit on your electricity bill.