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Stand Alone Solar Systems


Off-grid solar solutions

Evolution Solar Kingaroy is your choice for top quality standalone solar energy solutions. We’ve worked on stand alone systems of varying sizes to provide effective results at any budget.

What Is a Standalone System?

While many solar energy systems are integrated into the local power grid, standalone systems and made to operate independently. The size and location of the energy generation system are completely variable depending on the specifics of a project.
Examples of circumstances where standalone systems are useful include:
  • supplying remote communities/buildings with electricity
  • powering small islands
  • replacing unreliable or expensive local power grids
  • powering agricultural systems
Solar Panel Installation — Solar Solutions in Kingaroy QLD
Three Technicians Installing Solar Panels In Platform — Solar Solutions in Kingaroy QLD

Components of Standalone Solar Systems

Because standalone systems are not connected to a central power grid, they have to be self-sufficient in every way. A standard design involves a few specific elements:
  • Solar panels
  • Inverter
  • Battery bank
  • Backup generator
Backup generators are not required for every system, but they can be useful as an alternative source of power. If there’s unusually high usage at a certain time or if the weather has been bad for an extended period, backup power keeps everything running without interruption. Diesel generators, hydropower or wind power can all act as a backup to solar power.

Systems are fully customisable. We build a system that meets your requirements, while delivering the capabilities you need. Our goal is to move businesses away from dependence on the local grid.

Whether you want to keep your fridge running or you need to power an entire commercial premises, you can do it with solar.

Simple, Reliable, Efficient

A stand-alone lets you be in control no matter what the circumstances allowing you total energy independence. You can get all the benefits of power grid reliability without having to be connected to a grid.

And just think you’ll never again have to give the utility company a slice of your monthly pay cheque after you go off-grid with solar power.
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