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Solar Air Conditioner — Solar Solutions in Kingaroy QLD

Solar Air Conditioning


Stay cool all summer

Evolution Solar Kingaroy only supply the highest quality solar air conditioning systems, and this is why they have chosen SuperEn Air Conditioners. Solar Air Conditioning units also offer environmental benefits including reduced electricity cost, less power outages, off-grid capabilities and decreased greenhouse gas emissions.

Homes & Businesses

The technology of solar air conditioners is continually improving. Most can agree that in the summers months air conditioning can add significant costs to our electricity bills. That’s were Evolution Solar Kingaroy can help!

Our solar air conditioning units can effectively reduce running costs during daylight hours by 97%!!!! That’s huge!
Air Conditioning Solar Panel — Solar Solutions in Kingaroy QLD

Air Con Independence

Within the SuperEn range there are 2 options for homeowners and businesses to choose from, these are an off-gird DC48V or an ACDC Hybrid. The off-grid solar air conditioner is ideal for homes or businesses that are set up on stand-alone. The Hybrid solar air conditioners need no batteries and only a few independent panels to deliver huge savings. So, call now to talk to staff about how to save this summer/winter on your Solar Air Conditioning needs.